The Annex are passionate about supporting and developing a safe place for children and young people to build relationships and achieve their potential in schools

We work closely with schools and local authorities to create the right environment for children who struggle to be in school and access education


Education does not have one size that fits all. Young minds are unique and it is our responsibility to create a safe place for children to fell able to explore and take risks.

  • Teaching Attachments

This 5 day interactive training supports schools to understand the impact of trauma on children and young people

  • Exploration of early experiences
  • Understanding developmental trauma
  • Experiencing attachment
  • How to connect to pupils who have experienced trauma and attachment difficulties
  • Using PACE to build relationships and facilitate learning
  • Key Connectors

This is an in-depth training and on-going support to key staff members to facilitate a safe, trauma sensitive place for complex pupils to learn. This training is suitable for professionals who support young people with complex difficulties within the school

This training will cover

  • Attachment
  • Trauma
  • Looking behind behaviour
  • Understanding neuroscience and relationships
  • Creating a safe space to be
  • How to connect
  • Reflection and supervision
  • A menu of inset and training

The Annex is able to offer a wide range of bespoke trainings which can be delivered as half or full days training including:

  • What’s Going On?

  • This interactive inset days brings to life behaviour issues, and helps teaching and support staff to understand and make sense of what lies beneath the behaviour. By linking attachment theory and behaviour issues with neuroscience, staff are better able to make sense of what may drive challenging behaviours in our children.
  • The cost of this training is £200 for twilight sessions; £350 for a half days training; £600 for a full day.

Testimonial from Schools

Thank you for the inset you delivered yesterday …It was an excellent session for us and the feedback from staff has been really positive, all felt it was extremely helpful and illuminating.We will be looking as a staff to discuss the issues you raised and hope we can work with you in the future. (April 2013) 

 Annex Project (TAP) can arrange bespoke inset days for your school or organisation.

We offer an understanding of how life can impact on a child’s learning and look at ways to work with this

Our training can be full days or twilight sessions and covers a range of topics which you can TAP into including

  • Attachment in schools
  • Behaviour and how to understand it
  • Resilience
  • Emotional Understanding
  • The impact of divorce and separation on the classroom

We can tailor a course to meet your needs

If you would like information about our inset days please email [email protected]